GENE chip technology exemplifies VOOPOO’s most innovative technical viewpoint

Chip technology is probably one of the most concerned problems in recent scientific and technical circles, especially in the light of the more intense worldwide technology game situation. Small chips contain the wisdom of current tech competitiveness in the next 5G + artificial intelligence age. Chip atomization technology is an important tool for improving product competitiveness in the electronic atomization business.

VOOPOO believes that the essence of the ultimate competition, whether product creation, design, or quality assurance and operation, derives from the shield formed by its core technology, which for VOOPOO is the atomization platform & chip technology.

Pure faith, safety first

Is it that difficult to produces an electronic atomizer? Do you require the utilization of chip technology? VOOPOO considers that the product can indeed be simple but requires additional security due to the underlying logic of technology.

Electronic atomizer mishaps, as we all know, usually happen on mechanical rods and three-no items without chip protection. When it comes to digital atomization chips, vape enthusiasts who have previously worked with mod devices will have a better knowledge of them. The digital atomization chip technology, it can be argued, is the foundation for the product’s long-term development and also defines its safety.

No chip, no VOOPOO. A tiny chip not only regulates the battery & current to assure the e-cigarette’s stability and safety, but it also defines the flavor. VOOPOO emphasizes the iteration of chip as the core to build GENE series chips as a pioneer innovation in the electronic atomization sector.

Each product in VOOPOO’s flagship DRAG series, portable VINCI series, outdoor ARGUS series, and diverse V series uses VOOPOO’s finest GENE chip technology to produce an ideal quality experience. The conviction in scientific and technological, which allows individuals all around the world to enjoy worry-free living.

Chip technology is well-known across the world.

VOOPOO has focused on chip industrial control research since its inception and has formed the world’s only strategic alliance with GENE, a high-end chip company based in the United States, to collectively build the GENE Chip Research Institute, imaginatively create the GENE Inside set of chip technologies.

VOOPOO is focused on developing technological innovations that can realize multiple analyses and transitions in functions such as power management, mode switching, power management, and temperature control as an innovator in the advancement of chip technologies in the field of electronic atomization. With consistent power output, high-performance, & safe quality experience through the use of popular MOD and POD products throughout the world, the GENE Inside chip is deeply liked and appreciated by 30 million people worldwide.

VOOPOO has developed a series of chips such as GENE.Fit, GENE.Trio, GENE.Pod, GENE.Fan, GENE.AI, & GENE.TT after years of chip technology and product iteration, resulting in a full and mature chip technology development system.

At the same time, GENE Inside has an amount of digital atomizer technology invention patents as one of the world’s leading atomization chip technology application solutions. The failure rate of GENE motherboard products is exceptionally low. The customer’s production line assembly fault rate is around 6 per 10,000, while the completed product shipment complaints rate is near nil.

Every product has the chip wisdom of VOOPOO, communicating the purest focus & innovation of electronic atomization technology from GENE.FAN GENE.TT, from mod device to portable pod.

Electronic atomization is not even an industry that can be formed by short-term hype, according to VOOPOO. We can only establish long-term brand appeal by fully relying on product and technology innovation and accepting responsibility for customers and society.

VOOPOO will use the GENE chip as the primary technological platform barrier since it is a pioneer in the mature use of electronic atomization chips around the world. VOOPOO will continue to develop & innovate in temperature management, power regulation, quick flash charging, and safe output by focusing on the research and innovation of high-end semiconductor technology. 

We can’t foresee how the electronic atomization business will perform in the future in the new age of 5G + artificial intelligence. Still, one thing is sure: VOOPOO will never stop, be fluent in technology, loyal to quality, delight users, and focus on chip technology.


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