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Killer Kustard (Original) By Vapetasia 100ml Review

Killer Kustard is an amazing vape juice flavor developed by the Vapetasia brand. Vapetasia was established in 2013 and has since been creating delicious vape juice flavors taking the e-juice industry to the next level. Vapetasia is based in Nevada and is common worldwide for producing e-liquid flavors that are both tasty and well crafted. 

This is the most hardworking brand that has shown how to tirelessly put effort into developing a brand from its infancy stage to the topmost position and stage. Killer Kustard has rapidly become a household name because of the great features and experience it gives to the vaper. All around the world, it is impossible to find a cluster of vapers, with none of them having the Killer Kustard vape. 

The mode of operation of this Vapetasia has seen it implement the use of simple methods and resources that are readily available to create never seen tastes and flavors. Vapetasia has beat all odds in the industry to give its consumers a new experience in taste and features. This review contains a highlight of the product’s top features as well as where to buy the best Vape juice online – West Coast Vape Supply.

Nicotine Strength

Every vaper globally considers nicotine concentration when choosing a brand of vape juice to purchase. This Killer Kustard vape juice takes care of all types of vapers, from low consumers to those that like their juice with high nicotine concentration. This feature makes sure a wide range of vapers are considered, including those that enjoy vaping on zero-nicotine e-liquids. You can choose vape juice concentrations between 0mg,3mg, and 6mg.

Packaging and design

Killer Kustard is packaged in a gorgeous-looking container compact with a greatly modified top to make a mouthpiece to avoid leakage and spillage.

Nicotine salt

Vape juices that are fitted with nicotine salt in place of freebase nicotine have long been known for giving great satisfaction in every puff. Nicotine salt produces less throat irritation due to its PH balance. This Killer Kustard vape juice uses salt nicotine, ensuring a smooth vaping experience for your throat with minimal throat cracks.


Killer Kustard is one of the many flavors that have been developed by Vapetasia over the years and has the perfect blend of sweet and sour. It is a blend of vanilla and custard to make a sweet and savory flavor to soothe your taste buds and create a long-lasting impression.

VG and PG ratio

Killer Kustard has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as ingredients at a ratio of 70:30, respectively. This ensures that the vaper enjoys solid throat hits and enjoy exhaling large and puffy vape clouds.


Killer Kustard vape juice is an amazing flavorful e-juice from Vapetasia that has completely inverted the vape industry, creating a niche for sweet and savory flavors and carefully attracting a substantial number of vapers. This vape juice is a must-try for you as a new vaper or an established one since it guarantees you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Vapetasia is a brand you can trust, and its Killer Kustard vape juice is the most affordable yet high-quality vape juice on the market.

Where to purchase the Killer Kustard vape juice

You can purchase the Killer Kustard e-juice from the reputable West Coast Vape Supply vape store. This is the leading store that stocks all things vape-related ranging from e-juice to disposables, and vape accessories. The Killer Kustard e-liquid goes for $12.75. Visit the site for multiple deals and discounts.

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