Frequently Asked Questions About STLTH Pods On Hazetown Vapes.

Given that STLTH is one of the most well-known vaping brands available, it is not surprising that some vape addicts are interested in learning more about their products. Fortunately, Hazetown Vapes is quite knowledgeable about everything they sell, so they are more than pleased to respond to your most pressing inquiries.

Hazetown Vapes has dedicated years to developing their love for assisting smokers in quitting, so they are knowledgeable about the operation of premium vaping goods and where to find them. Learn everything there is to know about STLTH’s offerings by continuing to read.

Are STLTH Pods Refillable?

STLTH pod flavours are not designed to be refilled or reused. Although you might be tempted, Hazetown Vapes do not advise refilling your STLTH pods in order to try to reuse them. Your experience using the product and its quality could be jeopardized if you tamper with your pods.

How Long Do STLTH Vapes Take to Charge?

The batteries of STLTH pens have a 420 mAh capacity. The battery should fully charge with a 0.5A charger in just over an hour, assuming a typical standard efficiency loss of 20%. Rapid chargers should not be used to charge STLTH pens, as advised by Hazetown Vapes, as doing so could harm the pen’s internal circuitry and even be dangerous.

How Do You Open an STLTH Pod—and Should You?

Do not try to “hack” STLTH pods by opening them with scissors or other common household items, as you may see in YouTube videos that claim to demonstrate how to do so. STLTH pods aren’t designed to be opened by users for health and safety reasons.

What Should You Do if Your STLTH Won’t Hit?

You might need to use a little additional suction the first time you draw from your STLTH vape to hit it properly. Remember that every person has a different puffing style, and it typically takes some time to become used to a new vape pen.

Check the two bronze contact points at the bottom of the device and ensure they are clean if your pen still won’t hit. Use a cotton swab to remove any moisture or dirt from these locations gently.

How Long Do STLTH Pods Last?

STLTH advises finishing each 2mL pod within 36 hours of beginning it for the most excellent performance. However, consumers claim that it takes each pod 2 to 5 days on average to finish.

It is simple to dispose of your STLTH pod when you have used it up. The STLTH pods can all be recycled.

Where Are STLTH Vapes and Vape Pods Made?

Although the filling, assembly, and packing of all STLTH products are done in Canada at closely watched facilities to assure stringent quality control, the raw components for all STLTH products are sourced from China.

Is My STLTH Compatible with Other Cartridges?

Again, you might encounter advertisements for “STLTH-compatible” pods from unknown brands elsewhere on the internet, but do not take the chance! The manufacturer advises using STLTH vape pens only with cartridges with their trademark and logo on the packaging.

What if My STLTH Pod is Leaking?

Do not freak out if your STLTH pod starts to leak! Instead, just unplug the pod from the battery and use a cloth or cotton swab to wipe away any liquid that is still present. Afterwards, place a piece of tissue paper on top of the mouthpiece and blow through the cartridge’s bottom to force any remaining condensation onto the tissue. It should be OK to reconnect the pod and use it again after that.

You might need to replace your pod if it keeps leaking. Replace the leaky pod with a new one and ask the STLTH customer support staff for assistance at

Why choose Hazetown Vapes

Hazetown Vapes is a vape shop that sells vaping products like disposable vape pens, starter kits, and supplies, including all phix pod flavours and more, that are primarily intended for smokers who want to quit.

Hazetown Vapes leads while others follow. They offer a setting where customers may buy vaping products, ask questions, and receive guidance from Health Canada professionals regarding their particular requirements. They have physical stores and an easy-to-use online store where you can order your favorite products and deliver them to your doorstep.


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